Frequently Asked Questions
Are these Properties for sale by owner?

We buy properties from their current owners. During the closing process we list the properties for sale before we are the eventual owner. Nevertheless, we market the property as For Sale by Owner because we will be the owner by the time you buy it.

Are you a real estate agent?

No! We are an investor.

Do you pay commission to realtors?

Yes, but no more than 3%

Where are you based?

Dallas, Texas. However, we sell properties all over the US. We are also a virtual company, meaning we don’t have a headquarters in Dallas. All of our employees work from home, so please excuse any background noise you hear when talking to them.

Will you send a representative to visit the property with me?

No, we won’t. We lack the means to send our representatives across the country on road trips to properties. However, you may visit any property you wish whenever you wish. Please utilize the GPS coordinates provided by us on each property. Vacant land does not have street numbers so the GPS coordinates provide a sure way of locating the property exactly. If it is a gated property, our sales reps will give you the code before you visit. We can also send you pictures to assist you in locating the property and in determining its orientation to the road and surrounding features.

Do you have any picture of the property?

Yes we do. We will gladly email you pictures that will give you a very good feel for the property.

Your property doesn’t have an address how am I supposed to visit it?

The GPS coordinates are provided on each property. When you check out the property details below the picture of the “Nearby Cities”. The GPS coordinates is there on the interactive map where it can give you directions on how to go to the property. Each GPS coordinates are included on the property details aside from the interactive map. Simply plug the GPS coordinates on your phone’s mapping app and click directions. If you have location services turned on, this will give you turn by turn directions to the exact front of the property. We do not want our buyers to waste time and fuel driving around looking for the property. Please use the GPS coordinates and you will be glad you did.

How can I always make sure I am talking to the same sales rep? I don’t want to switch to one who has no idea what I am going through.

Calls are automatically routed to our sales reps with all the details and knowledge of the property,

I called and it went to voicemail but I need this property now!

Our sales reps will get back to you by the end of the day

What are the rules for the Financing Options?

These are provided on the PRICING TERMS of the properties here on our website. If considering Owner Financing, be sure to provide your email address and request an Info Flyer.

Can you save this property for me? I have to go to the bank and get a loan, and it may take sometime before I can pay.

We do not hold properties for possible buyers. Properties are available to everyone until a Real Estate Agreement is signed and an earnest payment is made. Once this payment is made the property will be online, but if you ask we will tell you it is pending and is not available.

How do I buy a property?

Give us a call at 469-382-1876.

Do you do land surveys? Is there a survey available?

No, we do not have properties surveyed as part of our selling process.

If I sign up for your mailing list, will you share my information or charge me?

No, we never share your personal information. We only use your information to keep you informed of issues you have inquires about.

Are there any back taxes?

All back taxes will be paid off by the time of purchase. You will receive a clean deed with no encumbrances. Your title insurance policy guarantees this.

Is there an HOA fees?

Depends on the property. Ask us (469-382-1876) and we will get back to you.

What is the $1000 earnest payment for?

This is the payment to lock in the property. Without earnest money the contract is not valid. These funds will be applied 100% to your purchase.